PsychBiller — The Billing Service for Psychologists

Your private practice billing is a mess. You have zero interest in learning how to do it yourself, or even if you did, who has the time? How do you get paid in this complex world of insurance and managed care?

  • I can’t figure out why Medicare won’t pay me!
  • Insurance companies say they never received my claims.
  • My claims are denied because they aren’t submitted on time.
  • I stuff denied claims in a drawer to look at “later.”
  • I want to do electronic billing, but don’t know where to begin.
  • My billing service sends out patient statements that are wrong!

Mental health billing is much different than “typical” medical billing. It’s more time consuming and labor intensive. Just trying to figure out a patient’s benefits is an exercise in frustration. For example:

  • How is psychological testing preauthorized?
  • How does a psychologist bill for testing administered by a technician or computer?
  • Does a severe mental illness or biologically-based diagnosis qualify the patient for mental health parity benefits?
  • Which state laws apply to the policy, or is it an ERISA plan exempt from state regulation?

Many psychologists struggle every day to get paid, when all they really want to do is care for their patients.

My name is Jean Thoensen. I founded PsychBiller in 1997 because I realized that psych providers are losing money. Most billing services won’t do psych billing because the patient volume is too low. Some billers aren’t very knowledgeable about the mental health specialties. Outdated billing software can’t keep up with industry-wide changes such as ICD-10 and telehealth. Dollars are left on the table, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

PsychBiller is a professional mental health billing service serving Virginia psychologists.¹ I offer a complete package of services to manage your accounts receivable starting with verification of patient benefits all the way to appealing claims.

Think about all the things you could do with the time you or your staff now spend on billing! You can relax and get back to concentrating on the needs of your patients, and your staff can catch up on all those other things you've been wanting them to do.

Browse around my Web site, then please let me know how I can help you. Drop me a note through my Contact Us form or call (703) 266-8612.

¹We serve only psychologists in the Commonewealth of Virginia.