PsychBiller offers consulting and billing services.  Sometimes, all you need is a half-hour to discuss a particularly thorny billing problem.  Maybe you could use a refresher on how to fill out a claim form.  We can work with you regardless of your location, since these services are easily delivered by telephone and the Internet. Get in touch to tell us what you need.

As far as billing goes, we’ve developed a system for turning your work into billable claims as quickly as possible, thereby creating a steadier stream of income for you.

Step 1:

When you schedule an appointment for a new patient, fill out a secure online Telephone Screening Form (we provide it) at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.  That gives us time to verify the benefits and preauthorization requirements. We’ll let you know how much to charge the patient.

Step 2:

We’ll give you a “day sheet”, which is simply a log of each patient seen on a single day, the CPT code, the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code, the amount of the patient’s payment, and their check number.  If you use superbills, we'll devise a system around that.

Step 3:

At the end of the day, fax us the day sheet, along with any patient registration forms, financial agreements, enlarged photocopies of insurance cards (front and back), and authorizations.

Step 4:

We get to work!

Step 5:

Insurance companies mail Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) and checks, PAYABLE TO YOU, to our secure, locked post office box.  We scan them into our document imaging system, and post them to the patients’ accounts.

Step 6:

About once a week, we deposit your checks into your bank account and send you an e‑mail to let you know the amount of the deposit with a list of the deposited checks.  The original Explanations of Benefits are forwarded to you monthly.

Now here’s the good part! The weekly packet includes an Authorization Tracking Report showing all active clients with authorization numbers, number of visits authorized and used, birthdates and policy numbers, PLUS the name of the managed care company, their telephone and fax numbers.  You have everything you need to start writing a treatment plan!  We also have links to commonly used treatment plan forms, and add new forms regularly.

Step 7:

We follow up on any claims that appear to have been paid incorrectly.

Step 8:

We mail patient statements monthly.

¹We offer billing services only to psychologists in the Commonwealth of Virginia.