Psychotherapy Finances is an excellent print newsletter that has been the leading practice resource for behavioral health providers since 1974. They often consult with Jean Thoensen, president and founder of PsychBiller. Please enjoy this sampling of articles in which Jean shares her perspective on the mental health billing field:

January 2012
PRACTICE BASICS: Should you encourage clients to bypass managed care benefits?
June 2011
MEDICARE: Report recommends smoothing regional provider pay differences
October 2010
PRACTICE BUILDING: Beef up the bottom line with a phone consultation policy
June 2010
PRACTICE BASICS: 5 steps for resigning from managed care panels
November 2009
Billing mishaps with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions
January 2009
Has OptumHealth changed its policy on retroactive authorization?
July 2008
MEDICARE: Rate cuts have been averted, and co-pays are to be equalized
April 2008
MEDICARE: Psychologists and CSWs struggle to avert a 10.6% rate cut
January 2008
Is it okay to selectively tell potential clients that I’m not taking their insurance?
January 2007
NPI numbers will be required by ValueOptions; new forms needed
October 2006
Should you encourage clients to bypass managed care benefits?
August 2006
Computer troubles delay UBH electronic pay plan

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